Apex Legends players reveal review scores for Season 13: "Lifeline carried"

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Philip Trahan. Last updated: Aug 05, 2022

Now that Apex Legends Season 13 is wrapping up, fans gave their personal review scores on a somewhat divisive season filled with character buffs and Ranked changes.

As Apex Legends’ Season 14 content is coming out on August 9, fans seem ready to say goodbye to Season 13.

With less than a week until Season 14’s start date, we asked fans – using the alphaINTEL Twitter page – to give their personal review scores on Season 13, which resulted in some pretty divisive takes all around.

Though some praised gameplay and Legend changes like Lifeline’s late-season buff, others felt the shaking up the Ranked system soured the season overall.

A popular consensus among fans was that Season 13 scored a solid 7/10 points, making it a good season — but not a great one.

One fairly common sentiment among players was the positive reception to Lifeline’s buffs that arrived during the Awakening Collection event that arrived late in the season.

“7/10. Lifeline content carried the whole season,” said Apex Legend Content Creator KralRindo.

7/10Lifeline content carried the whole seasontake my money Respawn, give us more Lifeline skins

— KralRindo (@kralrindo) August 5, 2022

7/10. New ranked changes are fairly good, loved that Armed & Dangerous is back, loved the lifeline lore and tt, but season felt kinda boring, Newcastle isnt that bad but tact could use buffs, and not much legend changes this season. S14 looks promising tho

— ︎ʜʙᴋ (@RandomNamedHBK) August 5, 2022

3/10 worst season yet! 301/wingman in crafters, no Kings Canyon, still no heirloom for Loba, Ranked was so hard that nobody played it so every pub game was against 3 stack pred/master because they didn’t want to play it either.

— RJ (@UFC_Apex) August 5, 2022

Other players like RandomNamedHBK also gave the season a seven out of 10, but this time praised Lifeline’s extended lore shown through her Stories from the Outlands trailer which fans received very positively.

However, some were a bit harsher on the season like UFC_Apex who gave it a three out of 10, who claimed the Ranked changes made playing pubs much more difficult among other things.

Though opinions on Season 13 are certainly mixed one thing is certain: fans are eager to see how Respawn shakes things up in Season 14 on August 9, 2022.