“I could probably make somewhere between 1 to 10 mil a month”: Pokimane claims OnlyFans has the kind of money Twitch streamers can only dream of

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Pokimane shares her thoughts on OnlyFans- On a recent livestream, Pokimane shared her take on the popular adult platform, OnlyFans. She stated that she had been told she was in a position to earn a huge sum of money every month from the platform. She even went on to state that she could easily make anywhere between 1 to 10 million dollars from the platform each month. For more such updates about streamers and entertainment, keep following InsideSport.IN

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OnlyFans as a platform has become increasingly popular, especially within the streaming community. Popular female streamers such as Corinna Kopf and Amouranth already have their own channels on OnlyFans. More mainstream streamers such as Pokimane have often received requests to start their own OnlyFans. However, the RTS co-founder always stayed away from the topic, stating that she would never open an OnlyFans account.

Pokimane believes she could make around 10 million dollars a month from OnlyFans

OnlyFans has been a highly debated topic within the streaming community, especially since the platform allows a lot of things that might get streamers banned on other platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Popular streamers, especially female streamers like Pokimane, have often been asked to join the platform. So far, however, the streamer has always maintained that she is not interested in the idea.

On a recent livestream, however, Pokimane was in conversation with another streamer about OnlyFans, and claimed that she had been told she was in a position to profit off of having an OnlyFans account.

Pokimane thinks she could pull $10,000,000 a month on OnlyFans 😳 pic.twitter.com/HhjVbBHxbI

— Full Squad Gaming (@fullsquadgaming) June 29, 2022

 “A lot of people would say that I am in a great position to capitalize off of having an OnlyFans, right?”

The OTV streamer clearly seems to agree with these people, since she stated that realistically, she could earn anywhere between one to ten million USD from the platform every month.

“I could probably make like, somewhere between one to ten mil a month. Like just, realistically, objectively speaking.” 

 However, others believe that she is being humble, and she could actually make a lot more than that, since fans have been requesting her for an OnlyFans account for quite some time now. Although the streamer has not confirmed that she will be starting an OnlyFans account anytime soon, her estimates might not be completely off.

OnlyFans has become a common topic of conversation in the streaming industry

The streaming industry has had OnlyFans as a very common topic of discussion for quite some time now. the platform seems to allow a lot of things that would normally get the streamers banned on other platforms. However, it is worth noting that OnlyFans is an adult platform, making fans question any streamer’s morality who chooses to be associated with the same.

Saving this image to send to any female streamer/content creator I follow that makes an onlyfans lmao pic.twitter.com/xfwmyYa5pN

— AntiHero (@heroryan321) June 21, 2022

 There is no question about the huge amounts of money that streamers can earn from the platform, however, since fans are willing to donate huge sums of money on OnlyFans. This can stand especially true for Pokimane, who was revealed to earn only five figure amounts from Twitch subs during the notorious Twitch data leak last year.

This can be credited to her $5 donation cap on her Twitch channel. However, unless the same was applied to OnlyFans, the streamer could potentially be making a lot more than $10 million a month.

Fans must note that this is also simply hypothetical at the time of writing, since Pokimane has not confirmed that she will be starting an OnlyFans account anytime soon.

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