TikToker sets Warzone challenge for duo and calling him "Daddy" is the prize

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Alec Mullins. Last updated: Aug 05, 2022

Warzone challenges are widespread in the streaming world, but this TikToker took things to the next level with her duo.

Two Warzone players got quite the spotlight on TikTok after announcing a 10-game challenge with a week-long payoff.

The contest centered around some interesting nicknames and proved to be a divisive issue, but it racked up over 5 million views on the shortform app and has sparked quite the debate over how far people should go for content.

TikToker’s Warzone challenge draws eyes for being over the top

.The terms of the deal were pretty simple: amberwolf would call her duo ‘daddy’ one time for each kill he collected over the course of the live-streamed challenge.

On the flipside, for each kill she collected, he would have to call her ‘mommy’ as well.

Naturally, this drew some raised eyebrows from the TikTok community, and there was a wealth of both positive and negative reactions to the idea.

Some users, like definitelythebest, were stunned by the concept from the ground up: “I don’t even know how someone comes up with something like this…”

Other commenters, like jesseclem0nz, were all for the concept. “It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.”

Regardless of who’s right, the purpose of these kinds of challenges is usually to bring a different kind of entertainment to a stream, and it seems like Amber and Victor definitely knocked it out of the park in that department.