Warzone players roast "worst gunfight ever seen"

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Brianna Reeves. Last updated: Aug 05, 2022

A Call of Duty: Warzone player shared a clip of their “worst gunfight,” then proceeded to take part in some good-natured roasting.

At its core, surviving a game of Call of Duty: Warzone requires skill. Luck may play a part, but, generally speaking, the last person left standing in the battle royale brings a certain level of expertise to the table.

But even the most seasoned Warzone veterans have bad days, times when, for one reason or another, the shots simply fail to land.

On occasion, capturing those mid-game shortcomings and posting them online may seem the best way to progress forward.

Reddit user Phuzz15 recently shared footage of what they describe as the “worst gunfight you’ve ever seen” in Call of Duty’s battle royale title.

The video in question doesn’t even last a full 10 seconds. It begins with Phuzz15 patiently awaiting an incoming player, then firing an Uzi when their prey comes into view.

After missing a series of shots, the Uzi-wielder switches to a Desert Eagle. An embarrassment of shots at close range fails to connect on both ends. Phuzz15 ultimately wins the day, though.

When asked why they traded in the Uzi for the semi-automatic pistol, the Redditor answered, “This was one of the first matches I was running with the Deagle and really wanted to get a kill with it. Not in this fashion, though.”

Of course, other Warzone experts had plenty to say about the “worst gunfight” ever. “Footage of the average controller player when they lose aim assist,” vIKz2 joked.

“What in the 0.2 KD is this,” someone else asked, though the Phuzz15 claimed in a subsequent post that they rocked a 1.16 KD.

Either way, this is one entertaining gunfight that many a Warzone player won’t soon forget.